Monday, February 15, 2010

Finding God's Love

This weekend those in 2nd grade and below were reminded about the love of Jesus from Mark 10:13-16. These verses tell of a time when Jesus stops what he is doing to bless the children that were coming to him. Often we refer to God as our heavenly father to try and somehow describe the love he has for us.
Those in Kindergarten-2nd grade saw a clip from the movie "Finding Nemo" that was meant to help them understand the love God has for all of us. In this clip the entire ocean world is raving about the extraordinary measures Marlin has taken to try and find his lost son Nemo. Marlin has faced sharks, jelly fish, and sea monsters to name a few but nothing has stopped him from looking for his son Nemo. This clip only scratches the surface when it comes to describing God's Love, but it seems like a good starting point.
If you have some time in the next week watch Finding Nemo with your kids and talk about Marlin's love for his son Nemo, then talk about the love God has for all his children.

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