Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet the Staff

Introducing...Gail Gunnerson!

What is your favorite food?
All Time Favorite Movie?
Finding Nemo
Most memorable experience at KiDSCOR…
Favorite thing to do away from church…
Read books the old-fashioned way-no electronic version! Ride my bike
Sum up your life in a slogan.
Shine for Jesus
What was your high school job?
Working the breakfast shift at Hardee’s making biscuits
Favorite Bible Verse
Nehemiah 8:10
Describe what you do in KiDS COR?
All the fun stuff!  Special events like VBC, basketball camp, overnight camp, 3rd grade Bible and more!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Faith Builders


I hope this finds you enjoying your Friday and your family! God loves you and delights in you—what an incredible reminder for you and all your loved ones!

Last week, we talked about specific ways you can help nurture your child towards becoming a deeply committed Christian. How did that go? Did you try any? If so, did you share your experiences so others can learn from you? Remember we are all partners on this journey of faith—let’s help each other out!

This week, choose another activity to try—you may even want to share the choices with your kids and see which one they are particularly drawn to. (But try them all out—we grow by trying new things!) Here’s one idea and next week I’ll have a couple more.

Bible reading—Place a Bible on a table in your home. Make sure it is age-appropriate for kids so they feel comfortable using it! Choose a Scripture or a story to read once each day. Consider acting it out, drawing pictures about it or creating the characters out of clay. Thank God for the Bible and for its meaning for all your lives.

When is the best time for your family to read the Bible together?

See you next Friday!
Pastor Lisa

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet the Staff Round #3

Denise Mersmann
What is your favorite food?
All Time Favorite Movie?
Most memorable experience at KiDSCOR….
Watching kids take gifts to Marines for Toys for Tots
Favorite thing to do away from church….
Watch my kids play sports or dance
Sum up your life in a slogan.
Find the joy
What was your high school job?
Jewelry Store
Favorite Bible Verse
Joshua 29:15
Describe what you do in KiDS COR?
Administrative Assistant of Early Childhood Sunday School

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faith Builders

Last week I shared one easy way to nurture faith in your family. Here are two more simple ideas.

Create memories through special days and vacations as possible. Remember that family fun does not have to be expensive. A day fishing, hiking, or discovering a new museum or park can be transforming for your family. A day spent together away from home can offer important time for problem-solving, conflict-resolution and compromise. Ask for each person’s input as you plan. Be flexible and spontaneous. Pray for safe travels. If you are on a long trip, attend church while you are away. Give thanks to God for all your new discoveries and experiences. Thank God for the time with your family.

Serve others. Watch for needs of a neighbor, spend time in a nursing home, recycle, prepare lunch for Habitat for Humanity workers, or care for animals. How can you match up your family’s God-given abilities and gifts with other ways to serve in church or in your community? How could your family serve in the world? Discuss how you are serving God as you serve others. Invite others to join you! 
What are some inexpensive Family fun days you’ve had? Or what’s a good way you’ve found to serve as a family?

Keep enjoying your summer and have family fun as your grow in faith! Talk to you soon!


Pastor Lisa

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super Hero Summer!

I hope you were able to join us last Sunday as we had some REAL super heroes in Tree house Park!
Tuxedo Man, Memory Verse Man and our Little Super Hero were AWESOME!
We are learning about the super heroes of the Bible all summer so you don't want to miss out.

Here are the kiddos doing their best super hero pose after watching a Veggie Tale on Dave and the Giant Pickle...also known as David and Goliath.  Great story!  See you next week for another super hero!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Faith Builders

As Minister for Children and Their Families here at Resurrection, I am so blessed, alongside the rest of the KiDS COR team, to partner with you in guiding your children towards becoming deeply committed Christians. As parents, God has blessed you with the privilege and responsibility to serve as the primary spiritual nurturers of your child’s faith. That can certainly sound like an overwhelming task! But no worries—you are not alone on this journey of faith! (And just so you know-- all of us on staff in KiDS COR are parents, too, and we are all very grateful for the Christian nurture and support of others on this journey as well!)

Over the next few Fridays, I will be sharing some faith-nurturing activities with you. Remember these are just ideas! Take them and make them your own—then leave a comment to encourage others with your experience!

1. Eat meals together as often as possible. Prepare dinner together or ask family members to set the table while a parent cooks. Pray together before eating. Share stories about your day. Laugh together. Share the table with friends occasionally.

Are you able to eat to eat together at least twice a week together as family? If not what are the obstacles to doing that? Anyone out there have any hints on how to get everyone at the table at the same.

More thoughts next Friday!!
Pastor Lisa

Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet the Staff: Round 2

Get to know...Lisa Holliday!

What is your favorite food?
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

All Time Favorite Movie?
What About Bob

Most memorable experience at KiDSCOR….
KiDS COR Advent/Christmas Eve service 2010 in student Center

Favorite thing to do away from church…
Anything with my family and friends

Sum up your life in a slogan.
“Eat some breakfast and change the world” –hairspray the musical

What was your high school job?

Favorite Bible Verse?
Joshua 29:11

Describe what you do in KiDS COR?
Minister of Families and their children.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday Faith Builder

In KiDS COR, we are here to partner with you as the primary nurturers of your child’s faith. You can find help each week in the GPS guides and here on the blog. You will want to explore the “Parenting the Faith Journey” area of the blog which includes specific activities for age groups and suggestions to help you overcome obstacles on the journey. Faith Passages on the Journey will help you celebrate with your child on the journey. Keep your eyes open for upcoming parenting classes and mission opportunities. We will also suggest books and other written resources you can find at the Resurrection bookstore. Please post a comment letting us know how we can help you guide your child and family in faith.

We want to hear from you!

Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit: 1st Grade Style

Back in March, Ron Fugate, one of our First Grade Guides (Teachers), learned that he needed to have a total hip replacement. Just watching Mr. Ron hobble made all of us hurt! Ron and his wife, BJ Martin, had been teaching full time up to that point. Due to Ron’s surgery, they announced that they would need to take the rest of the year off.

Our Sunday 5 PM classes always include a “First Grade Worship Service” led by our teenage volunteers. It includes prayers and concerns, scripture reading, and a prayer led by one of the first graders. Ron and BJ became the weekly subject of our prayer time, both aloud, as well as during our silent talks with God.

While Ron was still hospitalized, we began preparing handmade get well cards for him--over 50 in all—and had the first batch waiting for him when he went home. This project was initiated and led by our wonderful teenage volunteers. Ron’s recovery progressed so well, that he and Ms. BJ returned to teach in the last two classes. Guess our prayers were answered!

The lessons during our final weeks of class coincided with Pastor Adam’s sermon series on the Fruits of the Spirit. The kiddos memorized all of the fruits, and decided that Kindness is the most important to them. That’s what we concentrated on to pray about, and to shower Mr. Ron and Ms. BJ with upon their return. And so we did!

(Thanks to Bill Bandt for contributing this story!  We appreciate you Bill!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet the KiDS COR Staff!

Welcome to a series of posts where we will be highlighting the KiDS COR staff!
Know faces but not names?
Know names but not what their job is?
We are here to share with you about the amazing people taking care and planning for your kiddos!

First up...Cheri Rappe!

What is your favorite food?

All Time Favorite Movie?
Wizard Of Oz

Most memorable experience at KiDSCOR…
First time I received a hug from a child

Favorite thing to do away from church…
Spend time with my boys

Sum up your life in a slogan.
Learn something new every day

What was your high school job?
Dance Instructor

Favorite Bible Verse
Deuteronomy 6:5

Describe what you do in KiDS COR?
Teach the children how much God & Jesus Loves them.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday Faith Builder

On Sunday night, May 15th, the fifth graders celebrated their faith passage to “Journey On!” to sixth grade! The evening was filled with food, games, praise and worship, and friendship, and faith. Middle school minister, Taylor Ogden Thomas talked with both kids and parents about all the opportunities for faith, fun and friendship that will be coming up in the sixth grade. Teri Chalker, leader for the fifth grade youth group Wild 1’s, sent the kids forward on their faith journey by asking everyone to share together in the reading of this poem. Take some time to read it with your family. Blessings on the journey!

Awesome God,
We give thanks to You for the gifts You have given us:
life, family, friends,
time, talents, and material possessions.
All that we have comes from You.
Help us to remember this.

Walk with us, Lord
Guide us today, tomorrow and everyday
as we grow in our faith.
Renew in us your Spirit.
Give us the strength and courage
to become better followers of Jesus;
to become His disciples.
Help us hear the call to "Come, Follow Me."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Talking To Your Kids About Disasters

This weekend KiDS COR will be praying for the people of Joplin as well as making pictures and small care packages to send down to the kids of Joplin.

A question that always pops in my mind after these events is how to talk to kids about them, not only my own kids but also those that will be attending Sunday school. Do you just ignore discussing it all together or at what age is it appropiate to initiate a discussion with kids about natural disasters. No doubt many elementary kids see the pics & videos on TV or the computer.

Here are a couple of links that may be helpful in responding not only to Joplin but to other disasters in the future.

First, a link to article written by Pastor Adam geared for adults to help us make sense of what is happening.

Second, a couple of articles written by Pastor Dale Hudson a Children's Pastor in Florida. Talking to Children About Disasters Part 1 and Part 2

I was able to chat with my 3 year old boys about this on Saturday afternoon when we brought cases of water to church with us. They wanted to know "why?" We talked about the bad storms that came and how people needed water to drink because there faucets were broken because of the storm. Nothing too intense but they understood we were helping people in need.

Anyone out there have any tips, suggestions, or stories about this? Did you chat with your child about the Tornado in Joplin did your children initiate a conversation. Feel free to leave a comment and begin a conversation.

-Nick Ransom