Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faith Builders

Last week I shared one easy way to nurture faith in your family. Here are two more simple ideas.

Create memories through special days and vacations as possible. Remember that family fun does not have to be expensive. A day fishing, hiking, or discovering a new museum or park can be transforming for your family. A day spent together away from home can offer important time for problem-solving, conflict-resolution and compromise. Ask for each person’s input as you plan. Be flexible and spontaneous. Pray for safe travels. If you are on a long trip, attend church while you are away. Give thanks to God for all your new discoveries and experiences. Thank God for the time with your family.

Serve others. Watch for needs of a neighbor, spend time in a nursing home, recycle, prepare lunch for Habitat for Humanity workers, or care for animals. How can you match up your family’s God-given abilities and gifts with other ways to serve in church or in your community? How could your family serve in the world? Discuss how you are serving God as you serve others. Invite others to join you! 
What are some inexpensive Family fun days you’ve had? Or what’s a good way you’ve found to serve as a family?

Keep enjoying your summer and have family fun as your grow in faith! Talk to you soon!


Pastor Lisa

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