Monday, June 20, 2011

Faith Builders

As Minister for Children and Their Families here at Resurrection, I am so blessed, alongside the rest of the KiDS COR team, to partner with you in guiding your children towards becoming deeply committed Christians. As parents, God has blessed you with the privilege and responsibility to serve as the primary spiritual nurturers of your child’s faith. That can certainly sound like an overwhelming task! But no worries—you are not alone on this journey of faith! (And just so you know-- all of us on staff in KiDS COR are parents, too, and we are all very grateful for the Christian nurture and support of others on this journey as well!)

Over the next few Fridays, I will be sharing some faith-nurturing activities with you. Remember these are just ideas! Take them and make them your own—then leave a comment to encourage others with your experience!

1. Eat meals together as often as possible. Prepare dinner together or ask family members to set the table while a parent cooks. Pray together before eating. Share stories about your day. Laugh together. Share the table with friends occasionally.

Are you able to eat to eat together at least twice a week together as family? If not what are the obstacles to doing that? Anyone out there have any hints on how to get everyone at the table at the same.

More thoughts next Friday!!
Pastor Lisa

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