Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit: 1st Grade Style

Back in March, Ron Fugate, one of our First Grade Guides (Teachers), learned that he needed to have a total hip replacement. Just watching Mr. Ron hobble made all of us hurt! Ron and his wife, BJ Martin, had been teaching full time up to that point. Due to Ron’s surgery, they announced that they would need to take the rest of the year off.

Our Sunday 5 PM classes always include a “First Grade Worship Service” led by our teenage volunteers. It includes prayers and concerns, scripture reading, and a prayer led by one of the first graders. Ron and BJ became the weekly subject of our prayer time, both aloud, as well as during our silent talks with God.

While Ron was still hospitalized, we began preparing handmade get well cards for him--over 50 in all—and had the first batch waiting for him when he went home. This project was initiated and led by our wonderful teenage volunteers. Ron’s recovery progressed so well, that he and Ms. BJ returned to teach in the last two classes. Guess our prayers were answered!

The lessons during our final weeks of class coincided with Pastor Adam’s sermon series on the Fruits of the Spirit. The kiddos memorized all of the fruits, and decided that Kindness is the most important to them. That’s what we concentrated on to pray about, and to shower Mr. Ron and Ms. BJ with upon their return. And so we did!

(Thanks to Bill Bandt for contributing this story!  We appreciate you Bill!)

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