Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Faith Builders


I hope this finds you enjoying your Friday and your family! God loves you and delights in you—what an incredible reminder for you and all your loved ones!

Last week, we talked about specific ways you can help nurture your child towards becoming a deeply committed Christian. How did that go? Did you try any? If so, did you share your experiences so others can learn from you? Remember we are all partners on this journey of faith—let’s help each other out!

This week, choose another activity to try—you may even want to share the choices with your kids and see which one they are particularly drawn to. (But try them all out—we grow by trying new things!) Here’s one idea and next week I’ll have a couple more.

Bible reading—Place a Bible on a table in your home. Make sure it is age-appropriate for kids so they feel comfortable using it! Choose a Scripture or a story to read once each day. Consider acting it out, drawing pictures about it or creating the characters out of clay. Thank God for the Bible and for its meaning for all your lives.

When is the best time for your family to read the Bible together?

See you next Friday!
Pastor Lisa

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