Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Hero Summer!

If you missed worship a couple of weeks ago then you missed the Early Childhood kiddos running around in their super capes!
We have had a great "God's Super Heroes" summer!

These are the Red Butterflies from the 9am service.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Parenting Perspectives

Sorry for the long delay on the book posts!
Summer seems to have been in the way!
I hope you all are catching up on some great books and making time for new ones.
Let this be a book you put on your reading list.

Today, we are going to cover Chapters 2 and 3...
Commitment and Connection.

Commitment:  Wayne Rice touches on how great our influence is as parents.  Some traits and characteristics our children get from us whether we like it or not but FAITH is something that must be taught and is an individual choice.  I love this quote from the book, "If you are doing all you can to stay close to God, your kids will be much more likely to want to do the same."  He talks about different kinds of commitments to help your children choose a life of faith with great ideas!  For example, a public it marriage or a child's are making a promise to God.  Check out the book for practical ideas of how to make the commitment to raise your children in faith.

Connection: Wayne Rice teaches us how to make a strong connection with our children in this chapter.  He speaks about these topics:
-Take time to hang with your children
-Take time to encourage your children
-Take time to listen to your children
-Take time to talk to your children
-Take time to pray for your children

There is an awesome "Spiritual Legacy Inventory" after the first 3 chapters.  I encourage you to take it!  
How are you leaving a spiritual legacy?

Chapters 4 and 5 next week...Content and Communication.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meet the Staff! Introducing...

Debbie Covell

What is your favorite food?

All Time Favorite Movie?
The Fighter

Most memorable experience at KiDSCOR…
At the last minute at a fall kick-off, a hot air balloon appeared when I needed it.

Favorite thing to do away from church….

What was your high school job?
Worked at a Restaurant

Favorite Bible Verse
Romans 6:14

Describe what you do in KiDS COR?
Queen of Details

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Faith Builders

One final round of family faith activities, leave a comment if you’ve tried any of these. How did it go?

Prayer—Prayer is how we relate to God and we can do it in a number of ways and is an extremely important part of your faith life as a family. Prayer is talking, listening, being still, moving, creating, praising, and so much more! The book of Psalms is filled with prayers and can be found right in the middle of your Bible. Read some aloud (Psalm150 is a great one for kids!). Have regular times of prayer as a family—maybe at mealtime, on the road and at bedtime. Pray for yourselves, others and the world. Remember those who are lonely or sick. Share joys and concerns. Spend time with God in prayer each day as a family.
Celebrations!—God loves parties! On birthdays, celebrate the birthday person as a gift from God. Tell him or her how special he or she is to you and to God. Create a special plate, cloth or banner celebrating the person. Celebrate a regular day—enjoy a picnic in God’s creation, play games, spend time with friend and thank God for all your blessings. On Easter and Christmas, focus on the faith meanings of these holidays in fun, creative ways!
Worship –At Resurrection, worship is for everyone. Whether worship is in TreeHouse Park, Bible Theater, the Student Center, the sanctuary or elsewhere, coming together to now, love and serve God through worship is critical to faith development. Make sure your entire family worships God regularly. You will be glad you did—and so will God!

Blessings to you and yours this week and always!

Pastor Lisa

Friday, July 15, 2011

What are those songs we listen to?!

Enjoy all of those fun, summer, super hero songs at home!
Find your favorite song below, the artist and do the motions for your friends and family.

     1.      Superhero                               Go Fish
      2.      Superhero                                 KidMo
  3.      Busy, Busy                               VeggieTales
                               (Flibber-O-Loo) “The Good Samaritan”
 4.      The Lord Has Given                VeggieTales
(Joshua and the Wall)
 5.      Promised Land                       VeggieTales
(Joshua and the Wall)
     6. God Is Bigger                            VeggieTales 
(Daniel & the Lions)
    7. Big Things Too                          VeggieTales
(Dave & the Giant Pickle)
     8. Superhero (Live)                        Hillsong Kids

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet the Staff !


Amy Fulton

What is your favorite food?
Mexican; Popcorn

All Time Favorite Movie?
The Blind Side

Most memorable experience at KiDSCOR…
I Love watching the kids praising during worship time. I especially love to watch them do the “blessing song.”

Favorite thing to do away from church…
Walks at the Arboretum, shooting hoops with my son, crafting or baking with my daughter

Sum up your life in a slogan.
Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap….but by the seeds you plant

What was your high school job?
Waitress at the Dairy Chef

Favorite Bible Verse
Proverbs 3:5-6

Describe what you do in KiDS COR?
Early Childhood Program Director. I write lessons for the 2,3, and Pre-K children and run programming on Sunday.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Faith Builders

How is the journey going as you parent your child in the Christian faith? Remember this is a life-long experience—we are always growing, discovering, learning and experiencing no matter how old or young we are! As we open our minds and hearts to God, God will always be faithful to lead and guide us and our children into becoming more deeply committed Christians.

Also, remember you don’t have to do everything you read about or hear regarding raising your kids in the Christian faith! You know what works best for your kids and your families. Here in KiDS COR, we want to offer you several choices so you can choose what makes sense for your family. If guiding your children in faith is new to you—welcome aboard! If it is a part of your family’s rhythm already—keep it up! God will use all our efforts—big and small--to help your child and you grow in faith. Practice makes progress—not perfection! So let’s keep on keepin’ on—together!

Pastor Lisa

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Faith Builders

Last week I promised a few more faith activities to do as a family try these out!

Art center—Gather miscellaneous art supplies, place them in tubs and make them available for your kids. Read the creation story from Genesis. Celebrate that God is a creator! Talk about how creativity is a gift from God for us, too. Use the art supplies to imagine, explore, discover and create! Display your creations in your home. Use them as a reminder of God’s creation and creativity. Thank God for creation!

Watch television—Yes! Really! Choose a specific movie or television show to watch as a family. Discuss how the characters displayed Christ-like qualities such as love, peace, patience, kindness and self-control. How did the characters display qualities that were not Christ-like such as rudeness, selfishness, complaining, or whining? Discuss how each person can grow to have more Christ-like qualities in their lives. Pray and ask God to help that happen.

I look forward to hearing how one or more of these faith-building activities worked for your family. I know others would love to hear, too, so please post a comment as let us learn from your family! I hope your week will be filled with blessings and beauty!

In partnership,

Pastor Lisa