Friday, July 15, 2011

What are those songs we listen to?!

Enjoy all of those fun, summer, super hero songs at home!
Find your favorite song below, the artist and do the motions for your friends and family.

     1.      Superhero                               Go Fish
      2.      Superhero                                 KidMo
  3.      Busy, Busy                               VeggieTales
                               (Flibber-O-Loo) “The Good Samaritan”
 4.      The Lord Has Given                VeggieTales
(Joshua and the Wall)
 5.      Promised Land                       VeggieTales
(Joshua and the Wall)
     6. God Is Bigger                            VeggieTales 
(Daniel & the Lions)
    7. Big Things Too                          VeggieTales
(Dave & the Giant Pickle)
     8. Superhero (Live)                        Hillsong Kids

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