Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Faith Builders

Last week I promised a few more faith activities to do as a family try these out!

Art center—Gather miscellaneous art supplies, place them in tubs and make them available for your kids. Read the creation story from Genesis. Celebrate that God is a creator! Talk about how creativity is a gift from God for us, too. Use the art supplies to imagine, explore, discover and create! Display your creations in your home. Use them as a reminder of God’s creation and creativity. Thank God for creation!

Watch television—Yes! Really! Choose a specific movie or television show to watch as a family. Discuss how the characters displayed Christ-like qualities such as love, peace, patience, kindness and self-control. How did the characters display qualities that were not Christ-like such as rudeness, selfishness, complaining, or whining? Discuss how each person can grow to have more Christ-like qualities in their lives. Pray and ask God to help that happen.

I look forward to hearing how one or more of these faith-building activities worked for your family. I know others would love to hear, too, so please post a comment as let us learn from your family! I hope your week will be filled with blessings and beauty!

In partnership,

Pastor Lisa

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