Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Green Butterfly

As a parent, I always wondered what exactly went on when I dropped off my son in his Butterfly room on Sunday mornings but after volunteering I realized just what exactly they did, how much fun they had and more importantly, all the things they learn!
I brought my camera last week to capture "A Day in the Life of a Green Butterfly" to show some of you parents out there just what goes on! We will be focusing on other rooms throughout KidsCOR to bring you sneak previews. Enjoy!

At first, they can play on their own. They sometimes choose books...

Or the Lego stand...

They might move to the kitchen...

Or the School Bus is a huge hit!

After some time playing on their own, they are asked to find their spot for "Friendship Circle."
They all learn to sit in a circle and listen to the Bible story for the day and do their quick welcome song.

Next, they might have a few minutes before Praise and Worship and today, Miss Elizabeth got out the scarves for a time of dancing, walking, stomping around the room with their scarves!
The kids are always learning to help pick up their toys before we move on to a new activity...I loved this idea!

Next, we travel down the long forest hallway, pointing out animals along the way, and enter into Butterfly Park for Praise and Worship.

All three Butterfly rooms gather in here for their own Praise and Worship.
This is the time they give their offering. Feel free to send a few coins with your child and they will have a chance to put it into an offering plate as well as a time for prayer.

They sing a few songs and shake their egg!

Sometimes they enjoy puppets or other stories but they always end with the Blessing song.

The kiddos head back to their rooms and do their craft and other activities.
Sometimes the GPS that is handed out to you explains or gives further ideas about the craft they did in class. Last week they created a shield and the GPS gave ideas of how to be interactive with that project.

They use crayons and sometimes glue sticks to help paste on the pieces.

After that, it is back to business with playing!

Lots of trucks and blocks for the boys!

I hope you found this insightful on what your child is doing during Worship if they are in a Butterfly room.
It's wonderful to see all that they learn and how much joy it brings to their faces.
Thanks for sharing your kiddos with the staff and volunteers.
Look for a new room to be showcased soon!


  1. Love seeing what the green butterflies are up to on Sundays! My little guy loves going to Sunday School and now I know why! :) Thank you!

  2. Thank you all so much for this post. I love seeing what the butterflies are up to on Sunday mornings.