Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day in the Life: Rainbow Classes

For all of our Rainbow parents, this is a little insight into a typical Sunday morning or Saturday evening service. We hope you will see what fun they have and how much they learn!
Enjoy the Rainbow class tour!

In the beginning time of class, the kids meet together for their Friendship Circle. This time usually includes a song, a bible story and a chance for them to interact with the lesson.

From there, they travel to Tree House Park. They love this time for praise and worship!
This is where they turn in their offering and we do many songs, prayers, sometimes puppet shows, our memory verse and other fun stuff!

They also get some "Quiet Time" during our prayer to spend praying on their own to God.
It's beautiful to see.

On the weekend of February 6th, they got to see an AWESOME puppet show!
Our puppet crew is amazing.

See you later Tree House Park!
They are heading back to their classrooms.

Once they get back to their rooms, we typically start our craft or activity for the day's lesson.
This week they colored and decorated a paper doll.

This is another picture of circle time. This week they used some green fabric to be the "mountain" as we were learning about Jesus preaching on a mountain.

They often work together on crafts and love showing off their creations.
Learning to share and love their friends at COR is a great thing!

Usually at the beginning and the end of class, they have free time to play.
We have trucks, Lego's, blocks, books...everything any kiddo would want!

We will see you next week!
Parents if you want to learn more about your child's classroom, an awesome way to get involved is to volunteer! We hope you enjoyed seeing the Rainbow classes!

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