Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picture of the Week

One of our dedicated KiDS COR volunteers, Bill Bandt, shared some pictures of bags decorated by our very own kids at KiDS COR to be distributed when his wife hands out sack lunches at Westport UMC.   How cool is that?!  Please see his story below.  What an amazing way to reach out with God's love.

"For some time, my wife has been volunteering in the Missions ministry which prepares sack lunches for distribution to the needy and homeless out of Westport UMC.  As a long time teacher in Kids COR (Pre-K and Second grade), I used the example of those meals to illustrate our classroom Bible lessons last April, and some of the kiddos were so taken with the idea, they asked how they could help.  So, I started asking my students if they wanted to decorate some bags for my wife to fill, and they did!  I have probably ended up with 40-50 of these cute bags over the last few months, all of which have since been filled by my wife and distributed out of Westport UMC."  

Thank you Bill for sharing!  
If you have a story or picture to share, please feel free to contact us on the KiDS COR Facebook page.  

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