Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Faith Builder

Silence.  Do you remember it?  Absolute stillness.  Quiet.  Peace.  Most of our homes would not be ever be characterized with this quality.  And that’s okay.  Or is it?

In Psalms, we read, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Hmmmm… God is calling us to be still.

When was the last time you were still?  When did you take a deep breath and turn over your concerns and work and worries to God?  When did you stop to remember that God is God and you and I are not?

If it’s been a while, take this moment (or one when you can) and pray these words.

“God, thank you for being God.  Thank you for asking me to be still in Your presence.  Fill my heart with peace, my body with strength, and my mind with rest. Help me turn my worries, cares and concerns over to You.  You alone are God, and I give you praise.  Amen.”

Teach your children this verse, model stillness for your children, have quiet time together as a family.  Appreciate the gift of silence and give thanks to God for being God.  

Pastor Lisa

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