Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Faith Builder

As you prepare to give gifts to your children this Christmas, may this letter inspire you to give the most important gift of all this season and always.  Christmas blessings to you and your family.

My Child,

So many nights I ask the Lord to bless you, to meet your needs and grant you good health, joy, courage and strength.  I ask God to increase your faith and fill your heart with love for Him. I pray you will be filled with God’s spirit, shining within yourself and to the world because you know you are loved by God and others.  I want you to know in good times and in bad, God is by your side, walking with you and even carrying you when you need to be held.  When life surprises you by turning a different direction than your plan, I pray you can embrace the new path, eager to see how God will work all things together for good.  I pray you will always be surrounded by family and friends who share God’s grace and love with you.  Of everything I wish for you, my greatest wish is for to share in a precious relationship with Jesus and that you will always know how very much you are loved by Him.

All my love,


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