Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

I babysit a two-year old little boy each week.  Since he was six months old, I have rocked him to sleep for nap time and sung, “Jesus Loves Me.” He snuggles his head on my shoulder, puts his arms around my neck and settles in.
A few weeks ago, after lunch, I said, “Nap time!”  He looked at me and in that precious toddler voice said, “Jesus Loves Me.”  He held up his arms, crawled in my lap, and joined with me as I sang.  
That same routine has continued every week. He holds up his arms, climbs in my lap, puts his head on my shoulder and sings the song with me.  He knows “Jesus Loves Me” in every way.
Now I could remind you to teach your children the ways and truths of the Christian faith. Or I could just invite you to hold up your arms, climb into the lap of God, put your head on His shoulder and let Him remind you how very much He loves you.    
Grace and peace to you. You are loved.


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