Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parenting Perspectives

We will be highlighting chapter 4 and 5 this week...
For children to walk in faith, they need to figure out a few characteristics of why your beliefs are what they are.
1.  What do you believe?
2.  Nail it to the Doorposts
3.  Family Mission Statements: 
Wayne Rice describes it as, " intentional effort on the part of parents to put into words what they believe and value and how they want to raise their children."
We have the ability, as parents, to use our resources to teach our children.  Every parent is equipped to teach their kids about Christ.  Remember these principles as shared in the book:
1.  No child is too young
2.  The more you teach, the more they learn
3.  Every learner learns best in his or her own way
4.  You can't teach a teenager like a toddler
5.  Don't forget the words
6.  Reinforce words with concrete
7.  Practice makes perfect
8.  Happy learners are better learners
Check out the book to learn more about these principles and also to find out how to create your own FAMILY CULTURE. 
Each family is unique but what a great idea to use traditions, devotions and fun to make your own family culture.
Next week we will wrap up the book!

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