Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

Has your family been enjoying the Olympics? The Olympics provide a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about other cultures, races, ethnicities, traditions, and rituals. We all too often get wrapped up in our own little, personal world and forget at some level that we are each part of a much bigger picture and plan.

Choose an Olympic event to watch as a family. Bring some kind of map, whether it is on paper or a computer. Find the countries represented at the event. Learn about the foods the people eat and what days they celebrate. Listen to the music from the country. Choose one or two competitors to research. What are their stories and the stories of their families? What has it taken for them to be able to compete? What will they return to when they go back home?

Throughout the year, volunteer in areas different from where you live. Spend time in homeless shelters and food pantries. Attend cultural events at museums and parks. Sponsor a child from a different country. Show compassion and care for those different than you. Travel as you are able and explore new areas and places.

As we embrace the larger world, our children will begin to understand that the world is bigger than them. That they can make a difference. That they can be people of peace and hope. Share God’s love with the world and the world will be a better, brighter home for all.

-Pastor Lisa

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