Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

Last week two of my daughters (who are 12 and 14 years old) participated in the church’s youth mission trip to downtown Kansas City. We had reviewed the packing list several times, and even as we were backing out of the driveway I said, “You have swimsuits? Shower bag? Bible? Sleeping bag and pillow? They responded “Yes” to each item—even saying they had blankets and pillows when I asked about the sleeping bag.
I dropped the girls off at the church where they would be sleeping, gave them hugs, and headed home. Twenty minutes later, my phone rang. I knew it was the girls and I chose not to answer it. However, I listened to their message right away. “Mom—my sister forgot her swimsuit and I forgot my sleeping bag and pillow. Can you bring them down to us, please?”
I did not respond. I wanted the girls to have some time to figure out their situation on their own. Six hours later, the phone rang again—I answered and heard the same information—however not the request. I asked, “So what is your plan?” I was pleased to hear they had one—and it didn’t involve me bringing anything to them. (They knew better than to ask me again because my answer would be “No.”)
Sometimes it is hard to let our kids make mistakes. We want to help them out. We want to protect them. But they need to learn how to solve problems and do things differently the next time around. Pray for God’s guidance as you parent and pray that we all, young or old, can grow from our mistakes.   

-Pastor Lisa

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