Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend/Friday Faith Builder

The Friday faith builder is one day late so let's make it the weekend faith builder!

I love celebrations—birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries—any milestone is celebration-worthy in my mind!  And yet, why wait for a milestone to celebrate?  What if this summer, we each took at least one day to celebrate life!  God has given us an amazing gift in the ability to use our senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight to experience this incredible world around us—so let’s give thanks and enjoy!
Choose a day to celebrate.  Then as a family, talk about how could you use all of your senses to rejoice!  You might choose some favorite treats to create and eat.  What games or activities could you do that would be fun for everyone?   Do you have some music that everyone enjoys listening to—or playing yourselves?  How about seeing balloons, colorful confetti and God’s creation?  Would you want to invite any friends to join you in your celebration?
Through the year consider bringing moments of celebration into everyday life.  Bring home a bouquet of colorful balloons on a dreary day.  Learn how other cultures celebrate and choose one to join in on.  Throw a party for the first day of fall or spring and give thanks for the seasons God created.  Throw a surprise party for someone who may not have family around.  Celebrate efforts and not just accomplishments regarding school performance and activities.
Commit to celebrating life! And have fun!

-Pastor Lisa 

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