Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

One of the highlights of our New York City mission trip was worshiping at a Jewish synagogue. The service we attended was filled with singing in the Hebrew language. Though we did not understand the words, we did understand the spirit. The congregation was filled joy and gratitude towards God.
About halfway through the service, the rabbi identified us as a visiting group and we were asked to join him at the front. He spoke briefly on the importance of accepting and loving one another and understanding our differences. He spoke of us as part of the family of God and asked the children to bring forward cups of white grape juice for us to drink as a symbol of sharing our faith with each other. He also asked the congregation to sing a song of blessing upon us. We were all very moved by this amazing act of hospitality and love.
How does your family seek to understand those of different faiths? Do you know how they pray and worship? What traditions or rituals do they honor? What are the basic theological beliefs? What is the history of the faith? What special days to they celebrate and why?
Build relationships with those of other faiths. Seek to understand and love. Be people of peace and hope. Reach out to all.

-Pastor Lisa  

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