Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Calendar Activity-December 8

Today's advent calendar activity is making 2 birdfeeders one for your yard and one for a neighbor's yard. Here are some easy homemade bird feeders that are fun for the whole family to put together.

Pine Cone Feeder
Coat with peanut butter and cornmeal; add raisins, cranberries, whatever you have around. Roll in mixed birdseed (optional). Hang or place in the yard.

Old Christmas Tree Feeder
Placing the Christmas tree in the yard at the end of the holiday season makes a great birdfeeder. Hang it with cranberries and pine cone feeders (above), spread peanut butter on branches, and because birds in winter need fat especially, hang suet from on it.

Bagel Feeder
Coat a bagel with peanut butter, roll it in mixed birdseed and/or cornmeal, and hang it on a tree branch. Replace when gone.

Plastic Soda Bottle Feeder
You can buy ready-made versions of the soda bottle bird feeder, or you can make one yourself:

Make a hole on each side of the bottle about ¼ of the way up from the bottom of the bottle. Insert a stick through both holes to make perches; use one that’s long enough to stick out a few inches from each side of the bottle. The holes should be just larger than the size of the stick so the birds can get the seeds; or make separate feeding holes slightly above the perches. Fill with birdseed (use a funnel).

You may want to poke small holes in the bottom of the bottle to let moisture drain out. Tie a wire or small rope around the top of the bottle for hanging. You can also make this project upside-down, with the cap pointing down; thread wire through two small holes in the bottom of the bottle, then twist the two ends together to make a hanging loop.

Cheerios Birdfeeder
String Cheerios (or other round cereal with a hole) on a string. Coat with peanut butter. Hang on bushes!

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