Saturday, December 18, 2010

Your Own Birthday Party for Jesus!

Here are some great ideas for those of you that want to have your own Birthday Party for Jesus!

  • First of all, you can find many supplies at this website or you can make your own...think a party station where everyone decorates a brown paper sack with Birthday Party for Jesus stickers to take home their party favors. Party Supplies can be found here.

  • Play fun games with your nativity set. Hide and seek with the nativity characters or "I spy" like some of the kiddos have been doing at Sunday School.

  • Read the Christmas Story, the birth of Jesus.

  • Have the children bring gifts for a family in need but emphasize that the greatest gift of all is Jesus, our Savior.

  • A party isn't the same without cake! Make a special cake just for Jesus. I found this great cake idea on a Babycenter blog post...Birthday Cake for Jesus.

  • Please share any ideas you have! We love hearing from you!

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