Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles Part 1

During our Parenting the Faith Journey seminar we had the opportunity to watch a skit that illustrated some of the obstacles families face when trying to focus on the spiritual development of their kids. One of the obstacles was not enough time. So here are some ideas from our parents on how to Create Time:

• Turn off the computer, TV, cell phone
• Get up earlier
• Utilize meal times
• Use day to day activities and play time
• Pray together at meals and at bedtime
• Utilize down time/wait time – when waiting at restaurants, in car lines, at the grocery store
• Establish routines before “common” activities such as bedtime, mealtime, riding in the car
• Decrease the number of activities our kids are in to make church, time together a priority
• Put family faith time on the calendar, schedule it
• Talk during bath time
• Make and eat dinner together and talk
• Use time in the car
• Incorporate “God moments” in every day activities
• Listen to Christian music at home and in the car

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