Friday, March 11, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles Part 2

During our Parenting the Faith Journey seminar we had the opportunity to watch a skit that illustrated some of the obstacles families face when trying to focus on the spiritual development of their kids. One of the obstacles was missing opportunities where faith could be easily brought in everday life. Below is a list of ideas Parents came up with on how to overcome this obstacle:

• Talk and model for/with your kids
• Regular prayer time
• Involve kids
• Read from the Bible vs. other stories
• Take opportunities to pray for things every day (friends, family, the world)
• Watch Christian cartoons, movies, listen to Christian music
• Participate in Faithworks up at the church as a family
• Participate in mission opportunities at church (Operation Christmas child, book donations, bring offering to Sunday school every weekend)
• Answer questions about God honestly, give them the time to ask questions
• Participate in ministry events
• Attend church each weekend
• Make faith a part of every day and all things
• Point out things in the world and relate them to faith/God
• Participate in fewer activities
• Eat meals together
• Volunteer at church in Sunday school and spend time there with your child
• Tie holidays to faith
• Do the GPS
• Have a family praying spot
• Put prayer time and family faith time on the calendar
• Ask your kids what they would like to pray about and what they are thankful for

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