Sunday, March 13, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles: Part 3

During our Parenting the Faith Journey seminar we had the opportunity to watch a skit that illustrated some of the obstacles families face when trying to focus on the spiritual development of their kids. One of the obstacles was just learning how to help your kids grow in faith. Below is the list of ideas Parents came up with on how they could learn more ways to talk to their kids about faith:

• Subscribe to the KiDS COR RSS blog feed
• Visit blog
• Get the GPS each week
• Attend classes at church (from KiDS COR and Adult Discipleship Ministries)
• Talk to KiDS COR Staff
• Fellowship with other parents
• Join a small group to study together
• Volunteer in KiDS COR to see what happens in Sunday school
• Attend church every week, don’t skip, make it a priority
• Model what faith looks like for your kids
• Model Bible study and prayer
• Meet other families at church and worship together
• Read
• Read the Bible regularly
• Do the adult GPS
• Join a Bible study at church
• Participate in Building Better Moms
• Pray for guidance
• Visit the church bookstore

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