Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

What do the words “God bless you!” mean to you?  How often do you hear or say them?   Maybe when you send a card of care or comfort? Only when you or someone else sneezes?

Consider offering a blessing to your child on an intentional, regular basis.  We offer our children a blessing when we give thanks to God for their lives and ask God for guidance and grace for them.  But what if we went a step further and placed our hand on their head, touched their shoulders, or placed our hands on their back and prayed aloud for them. You could say something as powerful and as simple as, “God thank you for our child____.  Please bless him/her with your love and grace. Help him/her always know how much he/she is loved. Amen.” You can also add words of thanksgiving for your child’s unique qualities and prayer requests for issues that are concerning your child.

Children of all ages will feel peace and comfort as you bless them—teens and adults will, too! The earlier you start, the more comfortable your child will feel as he or she grows older, but you can begin blessing your child at any age! The more often you do it, the more natural it will become.
Today and always, God bless you and God bless your child!

-Pastor Lisa

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