Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where Are You Winter?

There has been almost no snow this winter. For those of you who don’t enjoy a good immobilizing snowstorm, you’re welcome. Our family bought a snow blower in the fall and it seems like that has created a force field around our area that simply stops snow from reaching the ground. I’m a great lover of winter and am very sad about our lack of snow.

As a parent with kids involved in several activities at any given time and every evening filled with some type of event, the snow day was like a “stay home” pass. Kids’ activities were cancelled, businesses opened late, everything slowed down and it was okay to stay in your pajamas a little later in the morning. Breakfast became a meal at the dining room table rather than a Pop Tart in the car. Kids pulled out sleds and played outside. Everyone gathered at one house, usually determined by whoever had the most snacks on hand and was willing to bake treats and fix lunch.

Moms got together to visit, made cookies, took turns stepping outside to check on the kids and snap a few photos. The kids went sledding, had snowball fights, built forts and acted like kids. And every couple of hours, when the kids got really cold they came in for hot chocolate, a snack and dry clothes. On snow days, no matter their age, our kids became young again, just having fun and playing.

I have often wondered what makes a snow day so special. I can’t really explain it, but it seems the snow day strips away expectations. There is no homework, no activities, a slower pace and not a lot of “going” – snow days are home days. On snow days our focus shifts to home and comfort, warmth and fun.

So I will keep the snow blower and maintain the force field against a blizzard, but I have decided to create a “snow day” for my family to slow down and welcome friends into our home for a lazy day of visiting, playing and enjoying each other. I encourage you to do the same for those days with our kids become fewer and farther between as they get older and as the song says “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”.

So choose your snow day and enjoy! For God has blessed us with family and friends, we just have to make time to enjoy them!

Denise Mersmann
Early Chilhood Program Assistant

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