Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

“God saw everything that He had made and it was very good.”   Genesis 1:31

How often do we look at everything God made and celebrate God’s goodness?  How well do we do caring for the world God created?

From the moment God created people, God entrusted the care of His world to us, but with full schedules and numerous responsibilities, nurturing the environment can become a low priority in our daily lives.
Talk together as a family about how to care for God’s world.  If you have pets, help your child care for them.  Pack lunches with reusable containers.  Use both sides of the paper when drawing or writing.  Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth. Recycle. Turn lights off when you are leaving the room. 

Remember also to enjoy God’s world!  Enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Smell flowers. Tour the zoo. Play outside. Taste fruits and vegetables. Play in the dirt and dig for worms.

Thank God for this amazing, beautiful world and ask God to help your family take care of it each and every day!

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