Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

We have heard it a million times--family meals are very important gathering times, not only for the (hopefully) decent nutrition the meal provides, but also for the fun and faith-filled  conversations that can occur around the table.
Now, as a working mom with three very active kids, having dinner at the table together sounds a whole lot more fun than being the one to make sure we actually have something to eat once we get there!  But when I expand my view to sharing family together time before and after the meal also, then many times, I really do enjoy it!
Consider inviting your kids into the kitchen as you prepare.  Maybe you could have veggie soup and everyone adds his or her favorite veggie to the pot!  English muffin or bagel pizzas are always fun with each person adding his or her favorite toppings. How about layered taco dip or tacos and asking each person to prepare one ingredient?  Enjoy a baked potato bar with individuals preparing various items for the top.
Your conversation will begin before the dinner table and you will have some helping hands, too!  Remember after dinner, ask each person to put away one or two items.  Even a three year old can take his/her plate to the sink or place the bread back in the drawer!  Let’s truly make dinner a family event and enjoy it together from beginning to end!

Pastor Lisa

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