Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

I had the joy of visiting my brother in New York City this past weekend. I was reminded once again of the importance of taking care of ourselves as people and as parents so we can then take good care of others.

Of course, the directions on the airplane to “take care of your our oxygen mask before helping your child” is a familiar phrase to those who travel. Though it may seem selfish, in fact, is quite the opposite. We can care most effectively for others when we have been taken care of and others will benefit immensely when we treat ourselves as the valuable, precious creations God designed.

How, in a crazy, busy life do we do that? Here are some ideas—incorporate those that are meaningful to you. Doing something for yourself is better than doing nothing—so start with one and see how life goes.

Exercise, Read, Pray, Laugh, Spend time with friends

Enjoy family, Create, Be in nature, Worship, Play with pets

Paint, Solve puzzles, Drink water, Eat fruits and veggies

Sleep, Dance, Play a sport ,Take a class, Do nothing

These are only a few ways you can take care of you. Discover and add your own! Remember you are a child of God and deserve to be cared for, too! Your children will be blessed as you do.

-Pastor Lisa

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