Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

When I came home a few minutes after one of daughters last week, I walked in to hear, “Mom, come here!  I found a creature!”  These words were coming from my daughter who wants to be a vet.  She volunteers at a local animal shelter and has added one dog and one hamster to our home.  She was downstairs with the hamster, so I has a guess as to what is would be—yes, she had brought home a mouse and placed it in the hamsters’ cage.

While the two creatures and my daughter played together and looked as if they all might become lifelong friends, I researched the Internet to discover that one of them would probably have a very short life. (My daughter was safe—the mouse or the hamster would soon be gone.) I had to break the news to her that we could not keep the mouse—if we did, the hamster would kill it or the mouse would kill the hamster. To best care for both of the animals, we had to set the mouse free.  

Caring for animals requires more than a caring heart.  The care of another living creature takes responsibility, respect, and planning.  I was proud of my daughter.  She understood this and gently took the mouse outside.  She cared for God’s creatures with her heart and her actions.  I am guessing God was proud, too.

-Pastor Lisa

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