Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

Wow!  Summer is here!  Do you have plans to spend time with family and friends?  How about one-on-one time with your kids?  Do you and your family have fun and creative ideas of how to spend time day-to-day for the next few months? 

If you have yet to think about what fun moments and activities your family might share together, consider asking everybody for a few ideas.  Also, talk about how much screen time your kids will be given this summer.  Young people spend an average of seven hours and thirty-eight minutes every day between computers, cell phones and television--that totals 53 hours a week!  A good number of those hours could be used in creative pursuits, serving opportunities, and sharing quality time.

Read, play a game, or design a craft instead of watching TV.  Turn off cell phones during meals.  Leave the computer off for an evening or two each week and take a walk or visit a neighbor.  When you are in the car, leave the stereo off and talk, sing, or play silly car games. 

This summer, tune out the TV and tune into God and one another.  Remind your kids that God can always be accessed anytime and anywhere.   Pray and ask God to help you all use your time wisely and celebrate summer!
Pastor Lisa

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