Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Faith Builder

“I will cause your name to be celebrated in all generations; therefore your people will praise your name forever and ever!”  Psalm 45:17

I am blessed. My grandparents have always been a very integral part of my life.  One set lived a few blocks away and one set lived over a thousand miles away, but they each have touched my life deeply. Though my grandpas have both passed away, my grandmas are alive and well.

My children have special memories of their great-grandparents, and they are creating many wonderful memories with their own grandparents—one set who lives close by and one set who lives over a thousand miles away.

Whether your child’s grandparents and great-grandparents live on in stories and memories or are a part of their everyday lives, family members and friends of older generations enrich our lives in incredible and magnificent ways.  No matter what your family situation is, be intentional about building relationships with people of older generations.  

Listen to their stories. Design cards and crafts for them—better yet, with them! Share a song or dance. Pray with them if they wish. Read a story. Take pictures together. Watch funny movies. Sit with them at church.  Volunteer to take a meal.

Remember they have lots to share, too.  Listen to their wisdom.  Ask them to teach you a new skill. Look at their pictures from when they were growing up. Play a game. Enjoy simply being together.
Honor God by honoring those of older generations.  They will be blessed and so will you.

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