Thursday, March 8, 2012

Serve Others During Lent

I recently came across a great article published online at Children’s Ministries Magazine that sparked an idea for Lent. Rather than giving something up, what if you decided to serve once a week together as a family? When serving others becomes part of what you do together as a family, not only will those you are serving benefit, but your children will too! By serving together, you will be spending quality time with your kids, and it will give you the opportunity to model and train your children how to serve others. It will also give your children the opportunity to meet people who may be different than they are in some ways, but will also demonstrate what they have in common. Serving others will also help your children develop compassion, understanding, and even friendships with people in different circumstances. Perhaps serving together will become a holy habit for your family that extends well beyond Easter Sunday, helping your children develop a sense of gratitude and a passion for giving that will stay with them well into adulthood. Click here for a link to the article with some great service project ideas for your family.

May you be blessed by blessing others this Lenten season!
Lori Trupp-KiDS COR

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